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Permablitz Kingsville South

Once upon a time, on an invigoratingly brisk spring day in the far-away kingdom of Kingsville South, a rich mountain of soil awaited a team of super-volunteers to magically transform it a glamorous sustainable garden

Permablitz #202 – Fairfield

On a sunny Spring day, volunteers, caterers and family members pitched in to transform Jim’s family’ gardens into a more productive space – with a pond, wicking and raised garden beds, espaliers and more!

Permablitz #185 – Frankston

The volunteers were a great mix of folk from as far away as U.S.A and Japan and as close as Frankston and Langwarrin. We found that an interest in d-i-t (together) food growing and building resilience was the common glue that had brought us all together.

Free growing medium / wicking bed ballast

Bill has half a trailer full of red scoria that is leftover from some bathtub wicking bed construction, and he’s wondering if anyone would want it? It’s already in the trailer so he can deliver it anywhere in Reservoir...

Permabee in Upwey 2015

Slightly different format but nonetheless a terrific day at the Permabee in Upwey. Check out the original blitz here. This is what got done thanks to all the busy Blitzers: Filled up 5 1/2...

Permablitz #166 in Flemington

What started off dubiously, with morning showers and max of 11 degrees, Melbourne’s weather turned out a typical ‘4-seasons-in-one-day’ for our Stage One Sat 1st Nov Permalbitz at Norfolk Terrace, in Flemington (a 24hr...

Permablitz #161 in Essendon

Thank you to everyone who came out for a great blitz at Beaver Street Kindergarten last week! We had a small but very diverse group with participants from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Brazil,...

Permablitz 163 in Flemington

Brendan and Mara (our permaculture designers) did an amazing job after weeks of preparation and diligent planning. They designed and planned the garden and organised the activities on the day. It’s a cliché to...