About Permablitz

Permablitz is a volunteer-run network committed to improving the sustainability of our cities and suburbs.  We use a sustainable design system called permaculture to help communities move away from dependent consumerism to responsible production. Our core focus is helping people grow food where they live and build healthy communities in the process.  Rather than depressing people with the bad news, we empower them with the good news – that solutions are at hand and we can even have fun rolling them out!

Our History

Permablitz started in April 2006 in Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs as a collaboration between permaculture designer Dan Palmer and friends and a South American community group. Rather than retell the story we suggest you check out the excellent articles by Asha Bee and Katherine Kizilos.

Since then we have organised more than 160 permablitzes in and around Melbourne, as well as gained an international reputation as a successful model for fast-tracking the suburbs towards sustainability by inspiring other networks in Sydney, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Canberra, Tasmania, Bega, the Sunshine Coast, California, Montreal, Istanbul, Jogjakarta, Bali, Uganda and beyond.. For more information on regional groups click here

What We Do

Our primary role is facilitating permablitzes by connecting hosts, designers and blitzers. In the process, we are:

1) Rolling edible landscapes out across the suburbs
2) Taking permaculture to the mainstream by helping people take their first steps
3) Facilitating the growth of a new generation of permaculture designers
4) Building community and creating local networks of gardeners helping each other
5) having fun while we redesign the future!