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Frankston – 2 years later

The sign at the front door says “Spoiled rotten pets live here”. It should read “coddled plants thrive here”! Both front and back yards are lush with growth, in spite of the dryness all around.

Permablitz #188 – Frankston

A sunny spring Sunday, despite the weather forecasts, made for excellent blitzing weather. Our host, Bronnie, suffers from chronic migraines and her biggest stress reliever is enjoying her garden – so our plan was...

Permablitz #60 – North Dandenong

Permablitz #60 – North Dandenong

Over 40 people came to an incredibly productive, informative and inspiring Permablitz in North Dandy.  We planted a tagasaste wind break, planted a banana, nectarine, lemon and apple tree and 2 currants, built 5+ grey water filtration...