Gardening for the Bees

Free workshop! Native bees play an important role in your garden. They are superb pollinators and even better many of them don’t sting! Find out how to construct a bee hotel and which plants to grow. Not only will you...
edible weeds walk

Edible Weeds Walk

Join Adam Grubb, co-author of The Weed Forager's Handbook, for a fascinating walk on the wild side.

Taranaki Farm Tour

This experience offers a genuine look into the workings of a farm that’s been at the forefront of Regenerative Agriculture and ethical animal husbandry for nearly a decade. Entertaining and educational; an experience for the whole family. Less than 1...

Burning Seed 2018 – Ancient Future

Are you ready for ANCIENT FUTURE at Burning Seed 2018? There's loads to get excited about this year, starting with the bonus that you get to enjoy Burning Seed for one whole extra day! That's right, you will have until...