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Purslane is an aesthetically attractive weed with fleshy leaves and often yellow flowers, but its health benefits are even more desirable.

Seed dating Permabee

Lovely hosts, lovely Blitzers and lovely weather. Put them together and everything was now in place for the first ever seed dating Permabee!

Plants eat Bacteria!

When Justus von Liebig discovered the elemental composition of plants and promoted the agricultural use of synthetic chemicals with “Chemistry in its application to agriculture and physiology” in 1840, he did not foresee the...

Free coffee grounds!

Coffee is brilliant when used in your compost- the worms love it! You can also scatter it around your brassicas to ward off slugs. And if you want some for your garden, Dustin has a heap of it for you.

Get arty with moss!

When designing edible landscapes for people, we’re always looking for interesting things to captivate people’s imagination while bringing them back to nature. And creating your own personalised mural definitely makes a statement! Moss is great for giving...

Chooks find a happy home

Permablitz recently put the call out to re-house Val’s much loved chooks – Val was moving, and couldn’t take the girls with her. There was an overwhelming response with over 70 people putting their...

Permablitz #177 Surrey Hills

The weather was perfect on this January Sunday afternoon in Surrey Hills, cloudy and not too hot. We joined Melissa and her small family to transform her garden into a place that she always...


A versatile and remarkably easy to grow subtropical: the quiet achiever of the Carica genus, there is the papaya, but then there is the babaco – the champagne fruit – which will thrive in...