Category: Past Blitzes

Permablitz Revisited: Northcote 3 years later

Three years after their permablitz, Michelle and Chris now have all the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies they could want. And with the herbs beds, there is generally enough seasonal produce for the whole family!

Permablitz #193 – Fairfield

A fun filled day in Fairfield spent preparing an edible verge, building a pond and preparing the world’s best chook house… It’s the Permablitz way!

Permablitz #194 – Eltham North

The sweltering day was made cooler by the enclave of native vegetation throughout Anne-Marie’s Eltham property, enabling the volunteers to complete their edible garden, with compost bays, swales, a pond and more!


Permablitz Revisited – Warrandyte 3 years later

Permablitzing seems to provide an excellent incentive to maintaining a garden. Three years later and the garden is still a joy. Carol says there was nothing that didn’t work out. What was planned and implemented works well and they are still developing more…


Permablitz #188 – Frankston, part 2!

Last time we were here, we built a great many things, including an African keyhole bed, but sadly didn’t get time to finish everything on the list. So now we’re back to finish what...


Permablitz #192 – Preston

Jess and Matt lead the team, setting up two wicking beds, installing some fence posts and planting some fruit trees, as well as building the keyhole raised beds in the front yard. Awesome work!