Author: Adrian O'Hagan

Permablitz: seeding a resilience revolution

John Allan, an Auckland Permaculture Workshop consultant and Landscape Architect spent last weekend getting his hands dirty in an Auckland urban garden for free and for the fun of it, participating in what is known as a ‘permablitz’

Permablitz #58 – Noble Park’s Perfectblitz

Permablitz #58 – Noble Park’s Perfectblitz

40 Permablitzers, including over 20 new-comers, made the trip to Noble Park on the first day of Winter for an amazingly productive and educative Permablitz.  It was thrilling to see that the 15 Greater Dandenong...

Bundaberg Permablitz #1

A Bundaberg group named Sustainabundy held its first-ever permablitz on April 13.  Check out a report of the day and photos here, as well as the site design, a bunch of handy permaculture resources...

Calling Greater Dandenong

Calling Greater Dandenong

With support from various local groups, a localised Permablitz group will soon be starting in Greater Dandenong (while continuing with larger permablitz action of course).  This project will be kicking off in April, and...

Organic action ... Permablitz gets to work on a suburban backyard.

Permaculture Club

This isn’t Backyard Blitz, it’s a permablitz. This is how it works: an enthusiastic group of volunteers come to your house and donate equipment, plants and seeds. They work with you to transform your garden into an organic food-producing Eden.