Author: Adrian O'Hagan

Soil Solutions to Climate Problems

Soil can absorb excess carbon and mitigate climate change according to author and food guru Michael Pollan, who draws on research emerging from around the world. “Climate change can be overwhelming, yet there is...

Get blitzed in 2016!

2015 was a great year for blitzing around Melbourne, with blitzes and permabees in Hurstbridge, Lower Plenty, Reservoir, Seddon,  Kew, Coburg North, Ashburton, Altona Meadows, Upwey, and Eltham! The popularity of these blitzes have gone from strength to strength...


Cucamelons are native to Mexico and Central America. They also go by the following names: mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, Mexican miniature watermelon and Mexican sour cucumber. These climbing plants produce masses of grape...


Fresh out of the ground yacon looks like a baking potato, however its flavour is a little strange for what you might expect from an underground tuber – it’s like a sweet cross between early apples, watermelon and very mild celery, with a touch of pear!

Looking for cool cats to join the Collective

Want to get your hands dirty in Melbourne’s permaculture scene? With some of our key members returning to their homelands, the Collective is looking for new blood. Someone who is passionate about sustainability. Someone...

Say hello to nature

This article was contributed by Jane from The Hello Nature Project.
Want to boost your health, happiness, creativity, feel less stressed, lower your blood pressure and play? Then go outside for a dose of nature!