Organisers’ Guides

Over the last couple of years we’ve developed some guidebooks for the people variously involved in running permablitzes: the designers, the facilitators, the hosts, and the photographer/reporters.  They are all works-in-progress and constantly being updated.

Each is licensed under Creative Commons copyright laws so you are free to edit them for your local groups’ use.

These guides are for the various roles related to organising a particular permablitz.  They don’t cover organising a permablitz network more broadly.  If you’re involved in the wider organising in your region, or would like to be, you might also like to check out our Starting a New Network and About the Collective page, and we can help you with some resources related to how we organise as a small volunteer collective.

Designers' GuideOur guide for designersDownload PDFTo edit, download Open document format

There are also a few other designer resources here.

Last update: 8 May 2012

Facilatators' GuideOur guide for facilitatorsDownload PDFTo edit, download Open document format

Last update: 13 Nov 2011

Hosts' GuideOur guide for blitz hostsDownload PDFTo edit, download Open document format

Last update: 17 May 2015

Reporters' GuideOur guide for photographers and reportersDownload PDFTo edit, download Open document format

Last update: 13 Nov 2012

About the editable versions

 Use OpenOffice.orgAll these documents were created using the word processor.  If you’d like copies of the editable versions, sorry, but you’ll need to install it first. (It is free! and easy to install.)  OpenOffice has a sibling, LibreOffice which is being updated more often now, so we recommend you actually install LibreOffice instead.  OpenOffice and LibreOffice are complete office software suites (with spreadsheet programs, presentation programs etc.) maintained and updated by communities of volunteer programmers!

We don’t use Microsoft Word, because not everyone can afford it and we love the ethics of and want to support this amazing community of coders.