Get Blitzed!

What a crowd!!

Check out this awesome bunch of volunteers – fresh off a blitz!

Don’t be shy! If you’ve been to the odd permablitz and you think maybe you’d like to be blitzed, let us know. The waiting list is usually not long, and we have resources, designers and enthusiasm to help you out.

How many permablitzes should I come to first?

Usually we say you need to come to three permablitzes before you qualify. Sometimes three is a lot. To keep blitzes happening, we are bending the rules a bit.

So until further notice, you can qualify to host your own blitz if you have:

a) participated in TWO permablitzes,


b) participated in ONE permablitz and have volunteered for a day with any two of the following groups (or similar):

Basically we want to make sure you’re committed to the cause – creating edible gardens, sharing skills related to permaculture and sustainable living, building community, and having fun – and know what to expect at your own blitz.

What is the process?

The stages to a permablitz are:

  • you send us your brief
  • send us some photos of the current space (this helps us lock down designers!)
  • we hook you up with some (volunteer if we can arrange it) permaculture practitioners for a design visit, and together you come up with a design
  • the designers give you a list of materials to prepare
  • you work with a facilitator/designers to prepare a plan for the day
  • we blitz!
We go through all this in detail in our Permablitz Hosts’ Guide. Make sure you give it a read, as it outlines all the processes and what to expect.

If you think you’d like to get blitzed then below are a few questions for you.  If you’re looking for a volunteer design team, it helps to tell them a bit of your story, and make it sound like a fun challenge.  If you want a volunteer designer we’ll send (a possibly edited copy) of your answers out to our list of designers.  We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

Just fill in the form below!

Get Blitzed!
Don't worry - we won't share it! It's just so we can work out site maps, etc.
E.g., Young family in western suburbs seeks edible eden
In description of the site above, try to include the approximate size, and any challenges/opportunities it has such as shade, slope etc.
Please keep the wishlist short by using categories, (e.g., just say 'veggies' rather than 'tomatoes, eggplant' etc.)
Adding photos can help designers visualise what needs to be done - it will also help us promote the blitz once the design team has created a design with you! Sometimes adding images causes the form to not submit - if this is the case, you can send your images to us via email. Just send it to permablitz (at) gmail dot com.
You can check it out here