The Permablitz Melbourne Collective

From left to right: Lyndon, Russell, Hermann, Kat, Leanne, Adrian, Charlotte and Joel.

The permablitz concept can be used by anyone. Here in Melbourne, Permablitz is a network, more so than a well defined organisation.

Some of us are involved in a small collective—the Permablitz Melbourne Collective. The collective does not run permablitzes (not as a group anyway). Instead, the collective exists for two reasons:

1) to help link people together with the right knowledge to make blitzes happen
2) to facilitate and encourage the spread of the permablitz concept

Things the collective do include: writing and editing our info guides, maintaining this website, linking potential hosts with potential designers, helping document permablitzes and organising documentors, promoting blitzes, writing newsletters, organising gatherings for the designers, maintaining a list of international and interstate groups and sharing resources, and so on.

The collective is made up of volunteers and the group is unfunded with no bank account since there are very few costs involved.


Read about the current members of the Permablitz Melbourne Collective:


I was lucky enough to attend the first permablitz near Dandenong back in 2006. It was an awesome day. And once it evolved into a series of events and a permablitz network I began helping out with background organising roles. At a certain point this became a bit of a burden and actually I wasn’t doing a very good job. Some kind people bugged me to help out, and together we formed a semi-formal collective. We work so effectively together with a shared purpose that, without wanting to sound like a cheeseball, it honestly gives me some faith in humanity, as much as going to an actual permablitz does. We are a kind of superorganism; like Mighty Power Rangers we combine our forces to become a giant robot, well at least greater than the sum of our parts. These days my official role in the collective is Web Geek which means I harness my latent geek powers to improve the website and our other digital communication systems.


I joined the permablitz collective in 2011 because I wanted to give something back to the network that had given me so many inspiring afternoons. I’ve stayed involved because the group has taught me lots about governance (very geeky I know!) and how to run smooth, productive and even fun meetings. I also love contributing to the spread of permaculture in such a hands-on way. I’ve had a few roles in the collective but at the moment I’m a general member with no specific duties so I can jump in and support the team as needed.



I actually started designing Blitzes before I even went to one … Luckily that has changed and I got to experience the love and passion that is Permablitz! I joined the collective to get more involved in this wonderful decentralised structure. I want to help build our edible suburban utopia, starting here in Melbourne. I love writing and published a few articles here and there in Germany. I started as the documentation coordinator at the end of 2013 and am now filling in as the internal coordinator bringing hosts and designers together!


I first discovered Permablitz through a Costa DVD from my local library and totally fell in love with the concept. My first blitz was amazing, everyone was so friendly and willing to share stories, tips and advice. When I saw the shout-out for the Outie role, I jumped at it – the chance to contribute to something so positive was just too good to miss. And it’s been every bit as awesome as I thought. The team is amazing and I feel honoured to be listed among them (especially since I haven’t even done my PDC yet!)


My gardening style islazy, minimalist,  chaotic – or as survivalism, selecting plants that require minimal human intervention to flourish. And occasionally I feel self conscious.
At the end of 2014 I organised my local edible garden competition. During the comp I met like-minded (lazy) urban farmers the idea of  Elma’s Farm Collective was born with a plan to create a sustainable market garden. The plan soon became a reality and we are currently in our experimental stage in our Hunter Valley plot. Go yacons, reach out for the Sun!
Why have I volunteered for Permablitz Melbourne? It’s simply the most realistic and practical way to change the world.


I’ve been playing at the edges of Permablitz Melbourne since my first blitz in 2012. Since then, I’ve circled in closer, attending more blitzes and delving into the wondrous worlds of permaculture and transitions towns (which, as it turns out, actually share a lot in common! – one might even say they’re ‘intertwingled’). I love to learn and to connect people – sharing what we know, practising what we learn. Joining the Collective allows me to do this in spades! I love the hands-on, transformative, community-building nature of Permablitz and feel honoured to be accepted into the fold.


My interest in permaculture comes from and was enhanced by wwoofing around Australia for a lot of 2014. I traveled with my partner Christine and we only chose interesting and permaculture venues. This journey led me to understand how the social side of permaculture design was implicit in so much project management. Wonderful people and wonderful experiences.

As a newer member of the collective I feel pleased if I say one thing per meeting that helps things along. The flow of knowledge is definitely in my favour right now!

My drive to be involved in Permaculture is that it is one of the solutions to so many issues we face as a species. There’s a million places where things could be better and this working with and defence of Nature is one of the battles I choose.


I discovered Permaculture late. My background is in design, when I discovered Permaculture it just made sense to me and I went about educating myself creating a sort of DIY PDC. Reading all the books and volunteering everywhere that would have me. Through this volunteering, I discovered the Permablitz net work and was immediately hooked. The opportunity to learn, the sense of community… the shared lunches! I am excited to be part of the Permablitz collective, to help support and educate and share the Permaculture movement with Melbourne.


After dropping from the tree (leaving home) I floated down rivers, got snagged in bushes, and eventually soared atop a breeze that took me all the way from WA to Victoria.

Upon arriving I was promptly swallowed by the beast that is Melbourne, digested and pooped out a couple of years later feeling slightly disoriented, but fiercly motivated.

As it turns out, being in a pile of poo was a great catalyst for germination, and I have since been thriving on the light of community involvement and good old fashioned hard work with a positive purpose.

Extending my roots into the permablitz network of Melbourne has been an awesome opportunity to glean knowledge, learn practical skills and meet a whole bunch of rad microbes (people). I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself in some fertile soil and I look forward to sharing the fruits of my experiences in the seasons yet to come.


Who: a person committed to contributing creative, appropriate & sustainable ways for people to live naturally on this thing we call Earth.

Ideally with a twist of originality, heart & humour.

What: Permaculture is one of the finest examples in solutions ‘all under the one roof’. An antidote to ‘ecological blues’- really wild, smart, interesting & of course; top notch people.

Why: Positive karma points.

When: Once a month

Where: Melways

And here’s some group photos…

Sorry, we mean…

Collective peeps past and present (from left) Chris, Alice, Fei, Thomas, Sam, Erika, Hermann, Kat, Adam and Simon.

permablitz at yarra

And here are members of the 2011 Melbourne Permaculture Collective: Charlie, Angela, Thomas, Asha, Kat and Adam after accepting the winners award in the Community Action category at the Yarra Sustainability Awards 2011 (ignore the timestamp).

And here’s a pic taken in the Summer of 69! I mean December 2015…

From left to right: Erika, Chris, Michelle, Adrian, Chris, Eka, Matt, Hermann and Naomi.

From left to right: Erika, Chris, Michelle, Adrian, Adam, Eka, Matt, Hermann and Naomi. (Missing in action: Kat L & Kat D)

Here’s a pic from where we farewelled long-term Collective member Hermann in May 2018.

From left to right: Lyndon, Russell, Hermann, Kat, Leanne, Adrian, Charlotte and Joel. (Missing in action: Michelle, Kali, Adam, Fiona, Ben & Eka)


Beyond the collective, there is also a mailing list for potential permablitz designers called the Designers Guild, as well as our large newsletter mailing list and the thousands of volunteers that have been to permablitzes.

Within the collective we take on various roles to ensure things get done (fancy diagram below):



If you’d like more info about the collective or would like to join, we’d love to hear from you so please get in contact.