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After our festive season decadencies there is no better time than now to get into burdock. The root is a perfect accompanying vegetable or herb to include as you set to release some of that toxic load and make healthful news year’s resolves!



The dandelion is a medicinal plant with a wealth of great benefits for your garden that far outweigh its reputation as a pesty weed


A walk on the wild side with Naomi

The Permablitz Tenth Birthday party event saw Naomi take a morning Medicinal Plant Lore Walk along Peppertree Place’s luscious garden pathways – here’s just some of the knowledge she shared

Fields of calendula - what's not to love?

Calendula / Marigold

Calendula flowers are like warming, energising suns. A plant of riveting historical roots, it helps wounds to heal faster, and the flowers themselves provides a sense of being uplifted and energised with warmth.


Tulsi ­- Holy Basil

Tulsi presents the promotion of optimum health physically, emotionally and spiritually, with additional environmental benefits thrown in too! Have a read and discover some ways in which this plant may benefit your garden and life.

Borage in frost

Borage (aka Starflower)

Popular companion plant Borage is one of the most frequently consumed wild plants foods in many Italian communities, and is also consumed as a vegetable across different Spanish, Cretan and German regions.

Garden sage with a well known beneficial insect


From the same family bringing you mint, rosemary, thyme and lavender to name a few, sage has multiple qualities and attributes that have been recognised and utilised for millennia.