Welcome to Permablitz Melbourne!


Hong Kong’s first Permablitz in Sheng Shui

Throughout Hong Kong there is growing interest in balcony gardening and community gardening, and people has growing awareness to impact of climate change to food production, and the significance of sustainable living.

Fields of calendula - what's not to love?

Calendula / Marigold

Calendula flowers are like warming, energising suns. A plant of riveting historical roots, it helps wounds to heal faster, and the flowers themselves provides a sense of being uplifted and energised with warmth.


Permablitz #185 – Frankston

The volunteers were a great mix of folk from as far away as U.S.A and Japan and as close as Frankston and Langwarrin. We found that an interest in d-i-t (together) food growing and building resilience was the common glue that had brought us all together.