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Right now, if we were to follow the seasonal cycles of the Gariwerd people, we would find ourselves in the middle of Petyan, which is the season of wildlife and wildflowers. It’s when the days are warmer, although the weather can be tempestuous, and the bush bursts into life. Looking around, that’s a very apt description of what’s going on!

In our backyard, we have a broody chook sitting on a clutch of eggs, broad beans by the bucket-load, the beginnings of our tomatoes and summer crops, and the beehives are buzzing with activity. It’s a wonderful time of year – a time of new growth and new beginnings.

Last weekend saw our first Permablitz in a while, and it was a cracker! New team member Natalie got loads of great pics, and shared some of the day on Instagram, but we’ll share the full report with you soon.

To celebrate the wildflowers that are now blooming through the bush, we’d like to dedicate this song of the month to reggae-rock band Wildflower, and their song Galiwin’ku.

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Blitz Requests
We’re very pleased to welcome new Designers’ Guild members Anastasia, Tina, Tammy and Max! Some of you may remember Tina from the permablitzes at her amazing home in Edithvale in the middle of last year. You should see it now!

If you’re in the Designers’ Guild and are looking for a challenge, check out the awesome design opportunities below!

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Barwon Heads
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Crib Point
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Wheelers Hill
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Hero of the Month: Azolla
If you want a water feature that you can eat, feed to your chooks, helps the bees access the water AND protects your fish from the birds – you can’t go past azolla.  Eaten by Aborigines of Australia for millenia, it is only now finding popularity in global cuisines.

Sounds too good to be true right? Click here to learn more!

Beets and Pieces
Melbourne car-park turned urban farm has grown 300kg of produce for people in need
An urban farm project in Melbourne, powered by coffee compost and food waste that would otherwise go to the landfill, has successfully reached its target and grown around 300 kilograms of vegetables and herbs for people in need.

The farm, spread across two empty car spaces in Port Melbourne industrial parking lot, was originally intended to be a 12-month experimental project run by Cirrus Fine CoffeeBiofilta and Australian Ecosystems.

But having already generated 360 kilograms of produce in under eight months and donated more than 90 per cent of food grown to OzHarvest, the farm will now remain functioning on-site indefinitely.

Read the full article at SBS.com.au

Nature strip plantings to be allowed in Knox
If you live in the Knox area, you’re now allowed to plant out your nature strip. WIN!

You’ll need to get a permit (it’s free) and follow some common-sense rules, but overall it’s a positive move.

Read the full details in Leader Community News

Renegade gardeners take fight to councils in race to beat the heat
While some people started their nature strip garden without council approval, there are a handful of councils throughout Victoria that now support planting edibles on the nature strip.

Our very own new Permablitz Collective member Natalie wrote this article for the ABC all about the complexities of planting on the verge – and it’s a cracker!

Give it a read at ABC News.

Back in the Garden
October is possibly the best time of year to be a gardener – there is a CRAZY amount of seeds and seedlings that you can start thinking about planting now that the ground is beginning to warm up. It’s also the last chance to remove dead winter growth, and to dig up and divide perennial plants, and you can plant evergreen shrubs and trees – including citrus trees!

Seeds you can plant in October include:
Amaranth Marrow
Angelica Mustard greens
Asparagus NZ Spinach (Warrigal Greens)
Asparagus Pea Okra
Beetroot Oregano
Borage Parsley
Burdock Parsnip
Cape Gooseberry Potato
Carrot Pumpkin
Celeriac Radish
Celery Rhubarb
Chicory Rocket
Chinese Cabbage Rockmelon
Chives Rosella
Climbing beans Rosemary
Coriander Sage
Cucumber Salsify
Daikon Silverbeet
Dill Spinach
Dwarf beans Spring Onions
Fennel Summer savory
French Tarragon Sunflower
Globe Artichokes Sweet Corn
Horseradish Sweet Marjoram
Jerusalem Artichokes Turnip
Lemon Balm Yacon
Lettuce Yam/Oca
Remember: some seeds do better starting off in punnets, some in pots and some in the ground. To get the best from your seedlings be sure to check the best methods first! If you’re not sure how to get your seeds started, you can check out these fine guides from Sustainable Gardening Australia or Gardening Australia. In fact, given it’s still quite cold overnight, check out Gardening Australia’s guide to creating a simple hothouse to kickstart those seedlings along.


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