Multicultural Music Festival

Each year Codemo hosts a multicultural music festival. In 2005, the festival was held in Springvale Community Centre on 12th November 2005. The event was a great success with a great turnout, a diverse range of cultural dance and music performances, a fantastic selection of food from different cultures and a great house band that kept the dance floor hopping late into the night. See photos from the first festival here.

These festivals aim to encourage a sharing of dance and music between Melbourne's different cultural groups.

If you or your group is interested in performing in our 2006 festival, we invite you to contact Nelson Campos on 85026300 or 0402698447. We encourage new groups and people that have not performed before to come along - one of our aims is to give new performers an opportunity to perform live.

Download the 2005 invitation (as a word document)


Cada ano, codemo esta organizando un festival multicultural en el que pretende reunir a varios grupos ectnicos de la comunidad para compartir y aprender diferentes culturas atraves de la musica. Si quire saber mas, por favor contactar nosotros.