About Us

Community Development Multicultural Organisation, or CODEMO was founded the 12th of January 2005. CODEMO includes members of different ages, genders, and nationalities, who regularly come together to share, and keep our Hispanic culture intact and up-to-date.

Our Aim

To create an atmosphere for the community that allows people to find and share talents and skills.

Our Statement of Purpose

Codemo's purpose is to:

1- Fight isolation,
2- Create sport activities with different ages
3- Create musical activities
4- To maintain social events
5- To participate in art activities
6- To begin and maintain educational courses
7- To learn and promote permaculture


1 - Fight isolation

This is one of our most important aims, as we all know most migrants living in Australia and especially adults find themselves isolated in a way that they don't participate in social events. We encourage people to come to Codemo and we try to provide a good social environment so they forget about worries while participating in our activities.

2 - Sport

we have focused Sport in our agenda and we find the need to create sport activities to maintain a good standard of health for our members and the community. Sport will provide the following outcome: relaxation, physical improvement, social gathering, integration, communication, friendship, better health.

3 - Music

Music has been the key for attracting adults and young ones. We believe music makes people happier and we encourage people to participate in dancing activities which will involve teaching and learning, also we will participate at least one musical concert during this year.

4 - Social

This aim is very important because most of our members expect social activities and good entertainment in order to fight isolation, food has been one of the main attractions, but also we are focusing to achieve other aspects such as helping others, establish communication with other organizations, maintain social events, and establish good relations and communication with sponsors.

5 - Art

We find there are a lot of people that would like to have the opportunity to show and learn their talents and skills, we intend to create this opportunity by having courses available about painting and craft and why not start motivating those who enjoy a bit of theatre.

6 - Education

This year, we will be having a number of courses available such as English, Spanish, computer, cooking, and health issues, also we will continue with the Codemito children's club.

7 - Permaculture

We find it important to learn about sustainable, self-sufficient agriculture and how to grow more of our own food at home. We also know it is important to improve our diet by consuming organic products. One of our members is already teaching us about those important issues and you can read about our permaculture workshops here.

Sobre Nosotros

CODEMO es una organización creada con el propósito de ayudar a personas con problemas de aislamiento, hemos enfocado a la comunidad de habla hispana para el inicio de nuestros proyectos, tales como: un estudio para identificar las necesidades de la comunidad y pedirle a los gobiernos locales su asistencia, buscar medios adecuados para la distribución de información tales como Servicios Comunitarios ayudas y otros, enfatizar en la necesidad de los programas de ayuda el los Centros Comunitarios.

Una de nuestras metas es reunir a gente de diferentes nacionalidades para motivarlos a que participen en actividades de la comunidad y así aprender y compartir de los talentos y valores étnicos culturales.

De antemano invitamos a la comunidad de habla hispana a que participe a nuestras actividades los días martes y sábados de 6pm en adelante en la neighborhood house de Springvale y hacemos un llamado a las diferentes organizaciones a que nos unamos y trabajemos juntos para el bienestar futuro de nuestros hijos.


Crear una atmosfera que permita que los miembros de la organizacion encuentren y compartan sus talentos.


1.combatir el aislamiento

2.ganar la confianza de la comunidad.

3.clarifcar las necesidades de la comunidad.

4.encontrar talentos y compartirlos.

5.crear caminos para reforzar y unificar la comunidad.

6.ayudar a la comunidad a encotrar caminos.Ser autosuficiente.

7.organizar y trabajar juntos para abogar por sus necesidades.

8.promover y presentar individuos en grupo.

9.promover una estrecha relacion con las agencias locales y la sociedad en general.

10.participar en actividades comunitarias.