Hooray - Spring is here! There's been a bit of rain, so gardens are really beginning to shine...
Blitzin round the suburbs, gonna eat me a lot of peaches
In the last month or so Spring has put on quite the show for us – we’ve seen bees swarm and chicks hatch… the apricots, peaches and apples are forming, we’ve already eaten our first strawberries (yum!) and our tomato plants are definitely getting bigger. This is one of the busiest times in the garden, but with all the new growth we hardly even notice – there’s too much fun to be had!

To celebrate the growth of all stone-fruit throughout this sunny land, we’ve decided to award this month’s song of the month to 90’s throwback indie band the Presidents of the United States of America with their song Peaches.

Hero of the Month:
Warrigal Greens
This worthy replacement for spinach is easy to grow – it thrives on neglect! Full of protein and antioxidants, it was actually the first Australian plant to be cultivated overseas. Why not give it a go?

How To:
Hosting a blitz – what about the food?
Ever wondered about how blitz hosts could put together such great food for all the hungry volunteers? Upwey blitz host Helen shares how!

Beets and Pieces
The 2018 Permaculture Calendar now available
The 2018 Permaculture Calendar – now in its 10th year, is ethically produced with the wholesome look and feel of post-consumer recycled paper printed with vegetable based inks. Internationally relevant and filled with inspirational and thought provoking images that support and reinforce your values every day of the year.

Learn each of the 12 design principles over the course of a month and be reminded of suitable garden activities with daily icons and phase times according to our moon planting guide. Includes a handy rainfall chart and moon icons for northern and southern hemispheres.

Available from: https://permacultureprinciples.com/product/calendar/

Seedwell volunteers needed
Are you passionate about gardening &/or permaculture? Are you available 1 or 2 days per week on a Tuesday &/or Thursday?

The Marist180 Skills Development Centre is looking for volunteers to support young people and the local community in the Seedwell Garden Project. Your tasks will include providing hands-on assistance of all facets of the garden project from the creation of the garden beds through to the sales of the produce at markets.

Your help will ensure the ongoing maintenance of the garden and will make a valuable contribution to the development of a space that is nurturing and therapeutic. You will be provided with volunteer training and also have the day to day support of other passionate Permaculturists in this hands-on role.

In supporting this program, Marist 180 expects that the volunteer will demonstrate a high standard of professional and ethical behaviour and a commitment to M180’s philosophy, mission and values.

For more information and to express your interest in this volunteer position please call Angela on 03 9380 2065 or email [email protected]

Back in the Garden
The end of Spring is near – make sure you mulch around your fruit trees and plants to retain moisture in the soil and prevent water loss from evaporation. Be sure to keep mulch away from plant stems and trunks as this can cause stem or collar rot. You can also mulch your strawberries by placing straw or pine needles underneath to keep the berries off the soil. And apparently you can stop earwigs eating your strawberries by offering them orange halves instead!

And if you’ve not done so already, it’s definitely time to get your summer crops in! Tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumber, zucchini, capsicum, tomatoes, basil, chillies, corn.. and tomatoes!

Seeds you can plant in November include:
Amaranth Kohlrabi
Angelica Lemon Balm
Asparagus Lettuce
Asparagus Pea Mustard Greens
Beetroot Okra
Borage Oregano
Burdock Parsley
Cape Gooseberry Pumpkin
Carrot Radish
Chicory Rocket
Chinese Cabbage Rosella
Chives Rosemary
Climbing beans Sage
Coriander Salsify
Cucumber Silverbeet
Dwarf beans Summer Savory
French tarragon Sunflower
Globe Artichokes Sweet Corn
Horseradish Turnip
Jerusalem Artichokes Yacon
Remember: some seeds do better starting off in punnets, some in pots and some in the ground. To get the best from your seedlings be sure to check the best methods first!


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