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Good news for bees and recycling, and time to learn about garlic!
It’s the last month of Autumn, but with the near-total lack of rain you’d barely know it. The weather has been rather mild of late, so you’d certainly forgive the plant-life for being confused!

One great thing about autumn is the leaves in the street, and the little fluffy clouds that race across the sky. It’s a great time to go walking in the forests to see the amazing autumn colours that the deciduous trees show before shedding their leaves to the ground below. To honour these wonderful places, our song of the month goes to UK rock band The Cure with their 80s underground hit A Forest.

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Hero of the Month: Garlic
Tis the season for colds and flu so what better way to make it through than chewing down on what you grew: garlic!

The important thing to remember about growing garlic, is that you’ll need to source untreated bulbs. Commonly, imported garlic is treated with chemicals to retard the sprouting process for longer shelf life. Even commercially available domestic garlic can often be subject to the same fate, so go with a local organics supplier or a trusted friend.

To read more about this amazing plant, click here!

Beets and Pieces
EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides
The world’s most widely used insecticides will be banned from all fields within six months, to protect both wild and honeybees that are vital to crop pollination

The European Union will ban the world’s most widely used insecticides from all fields due to the serious danger they pose to bees.

The ban on neonicotinoids, approved by member nations on Friday, is expected to come into force by the end of 2018 and will mean they can only be used in closed greenhouses.

Click here to read the full article in The Guardian

Australia Is Set to Ban Non-Recyclable Packaging By 2025
Australia’s war on waste has received a significant boost, with the Federal Government pledging to ensure that 100 percent of the country’s packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable in the next seven years.

Announced last week, the target will be implemented by 2025 or earlier. The Commonwealth will also work with state and territory governments to increase the nation’s recycling capabilities — and prioritise ‘waste-to-energy’ projects, which convert waste that is unable to be recycled into energy.

Also on the agenda: ramping up the purchase of recyclable materials by the various levels of government by using more recycled paper, and building roads and construction projects out of recycled mattter.

Check out the full report on Concrete Playground.

Back in the Garden
May is the last month of autumn, and the weather will soon start to get really cold! This is a time for pruning, dividing perennials, and putting in new trees, shrubs and vines. It’s also the time to clean up the garden, remove dead, diseased or excess branches and plants, and start collecting all the wonderful leaves which can be used for mulching and compost!

Some suburbs are well known for the massive amounts of leaves that fall, and you can sometimes see die-hard gardeners collecting the fallen leaves in garbage bags – it’s free mulch after all!

Seeds you can plant in May include:
Broad beans  Oregano
Carrot  Pak Choy
Chives  Parsley
Corn Salad  Peas
Florence Fennel  Radish
Garlic  Rocket
Kohlrabi  Shallots
Lettuce  Silverbeet
Mizuna  Snow Peas
Mustard greens  Spinach
Onion  Strawberry Plants
Remember: some seeds do better starting off in punnets, some in pots and some in the ground. To get the best from your seedlings be sure to check the best methods first!


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