Hey Mark,

It’s finally happening – the permabee has been announced to the world!

You can see your blitz here and on Facebook here!

You’ve probably already noticed that your inbox is starting to fill with volunteers keen to help out.

If possible, try to respond to everyone within 24 hours. Just an acknowledgement that you got their email makes a massive difference to people and prevents ill will. People just like knowing that they’ve been heard 🙂

Volunteers often tell you what tools they can bring, so let them know if these are appropriate or not. Similarly, you’ll be told if there are specific food requirements.

You can also log into the admin at http://www.permablitz.net/wp-login.php and view the signups. If you change the volunteer status, it will update the top with how many people you have at the event, how many on the waiting list, etc.


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