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Permablitz Revisited: Northcote 3 years later

Three years after their permablitz, Michelle and Chris now have all the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies they could want. And with the herbs beds, there is generally enough seasonal produce for the whole family!


Permablitz #189 – Essendon

Lesley and John with 5-year-old twins Luke and Erin welcomed Permablitz volunteers to reinvigorate and re-vegetate their yards into more productive spaces (with a fairy garden!)

Sustainabel Human Library - chatting books

Life as a human book

A human library works just like a book library – except that it’s humans providing the knowledge through the chance for one-on-one loans. So for one very special morning, our very own Hermann realised his dream of becoming a human book


The Summer of Worm Love

The Melbourne Permablitz Collective’s resident worm enthusiast Thomas, has some tips for keeping your worms cool this summer…   Before too long, we are going to get hot days.  Days so hot that our...

The design

Blitz 135 in Northcote

It was a gorgeous day.  The sun kindly poked its head out just in time for the first blitzers to arrive – some new faces, and others who met at previous blitzes. In a...