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Permablitz #192 – Preston

Jess and Matt lead the team, setting up two wicking beds, installing some fence posts and planting some fruit trees, as well as building the keyhole raised beds in the front yard. Awesome work!


Permablitz #178 – Keilor

On a sunny Sunday we blitzed Brett’s yards in Keilor, put in irrigation from rain and grey water, added fruit trees, berries and nitrogen fixing plants


Permablitz 158 in Brunswick

The most wonderfully located Blitz happened on May 31st in Brunswick near the Merri, CERES and the Russian Orthodox church. Our host, Jan has been involved with Permaculture through a PDC in 2012. A...

Hannah & Maya

Blitz 118 in Preston

Elizabeth and Rodney’s blitz in Preston was a great success. We started by preparing cardboard for sheet mulching while getting aquainted and then had our morning circle with introductions, some health and safety, and...


Permablitz #45 – West Preston

Despite the gentle rain, at least 40 people turned up right from the beginning at Alastair and Susie’s front yard with many more coming through over the day. Too many people and oh dear...