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Characteristics of a Tree Guild

Like any other forest, a food forest is a multi-storied affair, with plants from underground, surface, undergrowth, shrubs, understory trees, and the canopy. The basic food forest building block is a Tree Guild.

Well after the blitz

Permablitz Revisited – North Coburg 4 years later

The permablitz has enabled us to grow lots of veggies, keep chooks and have an aesthetically pleasing garden much sooner than would have been the case had we been working on it alone. We’d recommend having a permablitz to others without hesitation.


Permablitz #186 – Coburg – Newlands Preschool

What do you get when you combine a great community spirit with the power of permablitz? You get a boat sailing in a sea of warrigal greens that flows into a dry creek with its own bridge, that is in turn surrounded by a mini fruit orchard.


Forest Hill Permabee

We recognised the house by a *massive* pile of mulch lying on the pavement. Meanwhile, in the backyard an enthusiastic gang of blitzers were sharing their experiences with trees. For some this was limited to climbing and hugging.


Permablitz #178 – Keilor

On a sunny Sunday we blitzed Brett’s yards in Keilor, put in irrigation from rain and grey water, added fruit trees, berries and nitrogen fixing plants


Permablitz #170 in Seddon

This little Blitz out West was a bit of an unusual one. On a nice sunny Saturday in Seddon our host Roberta invited the Blitzers to help reinvigorate her backyard. The tasklist as well...

Setting up garden beds for fruit trees

Permablitz #168 in Ashburton

The cloudy Sunday 26 July 2015 saw a happy and eager crowd getting ready to transform host Alex and Nicole’s backyard. With delay due to new baby, the family of four had big plans...


Permablitz #167 in Eltham

We had a lovely blitz in hilly Eltham at the home of Sandra in late March. A terraced block with existing plants, water tanks, and paths was blitzed into an edible oasis thanks to...


Permablitz picnic/pruning party

The grey skies disappeared and the sun shone down on the West Brunswick Food Forest just in time for our Saturday afternoon picnic. The picnic was a chance for Permablitz peeps to meet or...