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Forest Hill Permabee

We recognised the house by a *massive* pile of mulch lying on the pavement. Meanwhile, in the backyard an enthusiastic gang of blitzers were sharing their experiences with trees. For some this was limited to climbing and hugging.


Permablitz #183 – Clayton

The weather gods gifted us with a beautifully sunny winter day that allowed the troops to get into action bright eyed and full of smiles, concluding with my favourite thing of all, PLANTING! And a group photo of course!

Pretty in pink

Permablitz #182 – Preston

Designers Chris and Ben decided on a low maintenance gardening paradise for this busy young family, complete with fruit trees as well as some flowers, herbs and apple-crate wicking-beds for vegies.


Permablitz #178 – Keilor

On a sunny Sunday we blitzed Brett’s yards in Keilor, put in irrigation from rain and grey water, added fruit trees, berries and nitrogen fixing plants


Permablitz 174 – Reservoir

It’s definitely easy to spot which house on the street is about to be ‘Blitzed’ by the massive piles of soil on the nature strip! Lush mountains of soil, mulch and compost greeted the guests as...

Setting up garden beds for fruit trees

Permablitz #168 in Ashburton

The cloudy Sunday 26 July 2015 saw a happy and eager crowd getting ready to transform host Alex and Nicole’s backyard. With delay due to new baby, the family of four had big plans...


Blitz 146 in North Carlton

On a sunny day in September 2013, (8th) a dozen people came together in a peaceful little backyard in North Carlton to transform an underutilized space into a productive inner city garden. The design...

Gavin, Kat and the carrot tasting lebanese ground cress

Blitz 121 in Fitzroy North

From the happy hosts:  As Saturday’s heat began to build, twelve people descended on our house. They quickly set to work, moving dirt and fruit trees, pulling out tree stumps, and constructing garden beds....