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Permablitz #184 – Northcote

A sunny winter’s day spent blitzing the gnome: with grub eating, archaeological digs, earth beats and gardening galore! Orchard planting, swale digging, bee hotel construction, hot composting and more fun than you can poke a stick at

Permablitz Altona

Our lovely host Tarius is a skilled gardener and runs the lush kitchen garden at Altona Meadows, but sadly had little time for her own garden since they moved into the rental property.

Know your compost!

It’s International Compost Awareness Week and a perfect opportunity to “Give Back to the Earth” in the form of rich, healthy compost that will nourish it and your garden. Here are some do’s and...

Permablitz #167 in Eltham

We had a lovely blitz in hilly Eltham at the home of Sandra in late March. A terraced block with existing plants, water tanks, and paths was blitzed into an edible oasis thanks to...

Permablitz 164 in Upwey

Hermann led a workshop on building Hügelkultur raised garden beds just before lunch time. The lunch itself was glorious with a range of Curries and cake and cookies that were left over from morning...