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Permablitz #193 – Fairfield

A fun filled day in Fairfield spent preparing an edible verge, building a pond and preparing the world’s best chook house… It’s the Permablitz way!


Permablitz #188 – Frankston, part 2!

Last time we were here, we built a great many things, including an African keyhole bed, but sadly didn’t get time to finish everything on the list. So now we’re back to finish what...

Well after the blitz

Permablitz Revisited – North Coburg 4 years later

The permablitz has enabled us to grow lots of veggies, keep chooks and have an aesthetically pleasing garden much sooner than would have been the case had we been working on it alone. We’d recommend having a permablitz to others without hesitation.

The happiest girls you ever did see - and all on the lay!

Chooks free to good home!

Permablitz fan Val is moving, and sadly has to say goodbye to her three Isa Browns. The good news is that she’s willing to give them to a good home, and that could be you!

Pascoe Vale permablitz plan by jo & dylan of www.thedesertecho.com

Blitz 145 in Pascoe Vale

The Six States of Permablitz: An emotional journey through the blitz day. First there’s the three E’s; excitement, enthusiasm, energy. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky as a veritable army...


Blitz 138 and 140 in Warrandyte

An unusual one plus one blitz plus return out in Warrandyte, after the designers (VEG) and many of the participants expressed a desire at the end of the first day to come back for...


Blitz 134 North Coburg

After rainy days earlier in the week, the day of the permablitz was a sunny and welcoming one throughout. Most of the crew arrived for the start (10 am on a Sunday!) and got...

7 Campell

Blitz 130 in North Coburg

The morning was cloudy and pleasantly cool; the soil and compost piles spread between house and fence. Camellias dropped their last flowers with the rustle of wattle birds on their branches, as the worms...


Blitz 126 in Preston

Saturday 21 April was our very own permablitz at the rental property I share with my 4 other housemates in Preston. The weather was very cooperative! It started out a cold misty morning when...


Blitz 122 in rainy Coburg

Brave, hardy, honourable and strong.You cut down trees, battled the cooch, smashed up concrete, erected a chicken coop and nestled little seedlings into cosy beds of straw.The rain poured down but this did nothing to...