Permablitz #197 – Meadow Heights


Hi there,I started getting interested in permaculture and simple living after completing a master’s of chemical engineering. I have always been interested in sustainability and active in different politically green groups, but felt that my techno-optimist view on the world had a few too many contradictions in it. The factor that drove me towards permaculture and the simple living approach was, with David Holmgren’s words, because I felt the urge to “create the world we do want rather than fighting against the world we reject”. Permaculture is fun and exiting, where protesting and struggling against yet another coal mine – important as it may be – is tiring and fruitless. I want to be part of creating the new sustainable world within the shell of the old one.My partner and I are renting a small house in Pascoe Vale with a big back yard. We are currently in the process of converting the lawn to veggie patches and putting some trees in big pots, ready for the day our landlord has had enough of us.I did my PDC with Tread Lightly Permaculture in Daylesford. The teachers on the course included David Holmgren, Beck Lowe and Ian Lillington. I joined my first permablitz a bit more than a month ago (#187 – Hampton Park) and had a really good experience there. I am joining again at #190 - Brunswick West Food Forest.I feel like I have learnt so much during my four years of studying permaculture, but every time I try my skills by implementing them I understand how much I still have to learn. It is only through practical trial and error that I feel like I can learn. Books and the Internet are great sources for information but it is only in conjunction with hands-on design work and while building infrastructure that I feel like the knowledge makes sense. I therefore want to get as much experience implementing and discussing my design ideas with other skilled permaculture designers. That is the reason I am applying to be part of Grand United Melbourne Permablitz Designers Guild.

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