Welcome to Permablitz Melbourne!

Can you believe we put in over ten raised veggie beds or wicking beds last month?

Warming up for the cold, cold nights

After what felt like the briefest autumn ever, we’re now hurled head-first into winter. And it’s getting cold. Like, REALLY cold. Frost is back, so if you’ve got plants that are sensitive to it...


Permablitz Altona

Our lovely host Tarius is a skilled gardener and runs the lush kitchen garden at Altona Meadows, but sadly had little time for her own garden since they moved into the rental property.

Used fresh, the Lemon Myrtle leaf is a most versatile and refreshing herb

Lemon Myrtle

The Lemon Myrtle is a tree that gives fragrance all year around. This Australian rain-forest species has lovely dark-green leaves which it carries from its top almost down to ground level. The leaves hold...


Permablitz #179 – Doncaster

At this blitz at St Gregory the Great Primary School we made and installed four wicking beds and renovated an existing wicking bed that wasn’t working due to leakage


Know your compost!

It’s International Compost Awareness Week and a perfect opportunity to “Give Back to the Earth” in the form of rich, healthy compost that will nourish it and your garden. Here are some do’s and...

Kohlrabi - you can get them either white or purple


Kohlrabi is a low stout cultivar of the cabbage family that deserves to be more widely eaten, don’t be put off by its rather unusual appearance! Kohlrabi is German for turnip, and it certainly looks...