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Eat the Suburbs: permablitz film

Permablitz veteran and VCA graduate Tanya Curnow has produced a great 10 minute doco about peak oil and permablitzes called Eat the Suburbs.  It stars American peak oil guru Richard Heinberg, our own Asha...

Permablitz Numero Siete

Permablitz Numero Siete

The day started with a beautiful blue sky and zephyr breeze. The Evans’ kids hung their “Open Garden Permablitz, all Welcome” sign they’d made the night before, on the fence and people rocked up,...

Redefining American Beauty

Redefining American Beauty – By the Yard

The transformation of the Foti family’s front yard from one of grass to one dense with pattypan squash plants, cornstalks, millionaire eggplants, crimson sweet watermelons, dwarf curry trees and about 195 other edible varieties has been startling.