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Perennial leek - yum!

Perennial Leek

Leeks have always felt like a luxury vegetable for me. I associate them with lush, creamy bakes with blue cheese, and nourishing winter soups. Yum scrum! Growing regular leeks requires dedication and patience; they...



The dandelion is a medicinal plant with a wealth of great benefits for your garden that far outweigh its reputation as a pesty weed


Permablitz Revisited – Warrandyte 3 years later

Permablitzing seems to provide an excellent incentive to maintaining a garden. Three years later and the garden is still a joy. Carol says there was nothing that didn’t work out. What was planned and implemented works well and they are still developing more…


Permablitz #188 – Frankston, part 2!

Last time we were here, we built a great many things, including an African keyhole bed, but sadly didn’t get time to finish everything on the list. So now we’re back to finish what...

Mel and Sas are Gung Hoe Growers!

Eating fresh with the Gung-Hoe Growers!

We recently met Mel and Sas, two energetic and passionate young women who have recently started a small organic market garden business in Harcourt, just outside of Castlemaine. They’ve started small and between them are currently...