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These roosters needs some lovin!

Kim has not one, but two lovely four-month old pure-breed Barnevelder roosters to give away, and they’re young and virile and ready for some lovin!


Permablitz is looking for a new Collective member!

Permablitz is currently looking for someone to take on the esteemed Innie role – could this be you? The Innie is the lifeblood of the Collective – they respond to emails and help organise blitzes by...

Perennial leek - yum!

Perennial Leek

Leeks have always felt like a luxury vegetable for me. I associate them with lush, creamy bakes with blue cheese, and nourishing winter soups. Yum scrum! Growing regular leeks requires dedication and patience; they...



The dandelion is a medicinal plant with a wealth of great benefits for your garden that far outweigh its reputation as a pesty weed