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Chilean Guava

Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit has many names: strawberry myrtle, Ugniberry, New Zealand cranberry, Tazziberry. Some call it just Ugni or Uñi. But it doesn’t really matter because this great drought tolerant shrub produces berries that are just...

Sustainabel Human Library - chatting books

Life as a human book

A human library works just like a book library – except that it’s humans providing the knowledge through the chance for one-on-one loans. So for one very special morning, our very own Hermann realised his dream of becoming a human book

Ania's garden is extensive diverse and almost entirely in pots!

Help needed for garden relocation

Ania is a Permablitz Designers Guild member and designer of a handful of recent blitzes, and she needs your help. Ania has an extensive collective of potted plants, trees, herbs and shrubs, and her garden was recently reviewed...



Purslane is an aesthetically attractive weed with fleshy leaves and often yellow flowers, but its health benefits are even more desirable.

Some of the beautiful passionfruit flowers at Mel's place

Seed dating Permabee

Lovely hosts, lovely Blitzers and lovely weather. Put them together and everything was now in place for the first ever seed dating Permabee!