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Permablitz #178 – Keilor

On a sunny Sunday we blitzed Brett’s yards in Keilor, put in irrigation from rain and grey water, added fruit trees, berries and nitrogen fixing plants


From Sydney stockbroker to permaculture farmer

Andrew left a job in the world of high-finance to create a sustainable, less-materialistic and happier life with his wife – and his three-year-old permaculture farm looks awesome! This video has been put together...

Hipster bunnies have an unfair advantage as they can type much faster than we mere mortals

Blitz reporters and hipster bunnies wanted!

Are you a budding writer with a flair for photography? A permaculture journalist just itching to get your teeth into a good story? Or maybe you’re looking for a practical excuse to get involved...

From left to right: Erika, Chris, Michelle, Adrian, Adam, Eka, Matt, Hermann and Naomi.

Ten years on and still going strong!

Ten years ago on this very day, Dan Palmer and Adam Grubb joined a group of South Americans for the very first permablitz at Vilma’s house in Dandenong.


Chilean Guava

Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit has many names: strawberry myrtle, Ugniberry, New Zealand cranberry, Tazziberry. Some call it just Ugni or Uñi. But it doesn’t really matter because this great drought tolerant shrub produces berries that are just...

Sustainabel Human Library - chatting books

Life as a human book

A human library works just like a book library – except that it’s humans providing the knowledge through the chance for one-on-one loans. So for one very special morning, our very own Hermann realised his dream of becoming a human book

Ania's garden is extensive diverse and almost entirely in pots!

Help needed for garden relocation

Ania is a Permablitz Designers Guild member and designer of a handful of recent blitzes, and she needs your help. Ania has an extensive collective of potted plants, trees, herbs and shrubs, and her garden was recently reviewed...