Blitz 134 North Coburg

After rainy days earlier in the week, the day of the permablitz was a sunny and welcoming one throughout. Most of the crew arrived for the start (10 am on a Sunday!) and got straight into it. The day began with weeding and removing nails from old sleepers that would soon be used for the raised veggie beds. Some tree branch pruning was going on too.

Lots of the weeds and branches collected were then used to bulk up the beds, once the beds were built, using the hugelkultur method (branches and weeds first, soil on top).


Meanwhile the antique, broken down, ‘renovators dream’ chook shed had a team resurrecting it so that it became once again fox proof and a Taj Mahal for chooks (the frame needed a new roof, walls and door so we used old building materials that had come from other places in the yard).

In the chook run we created some sturdy compost bays using packing crates generously donated by a blitzer.

Work continued at a steady pace after lunch and we finished the day by kick starting the orchard part of the yard. We planted 2 olive trees and a pear tree and covered the area around the trees with cardboard and mulch (unused branches that had been put through the shredder).

Many ideas were shared, items donated and a good time was had. Thanks so much to everyone involved!



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