Blitz 135 in Northcote

[Update 7-Nov-12: Check out the timelapse video!]

It was a gorgeous day.  The sun kindly poked its head out just in time for the first blitzers to arrive - some new faces, and others who met at previous blitzes. In a circle of blitz karma, the host of one of my very first permablitzes turned up at my own! 

As always, it was incredible how quickly the yard miraculously transformed from a mass of weeds into curvaceous beds, which were mulched and planted with a range of seedlings - some of which we raised ourselves, some purchased from a local festival, and many kindly donated by those who came.  Two of our awesome designers, Dylan and Jo, led a series of workshops on how to build a planter made of recycled wood from pallets, vertical pallet gardening, and making a worm farm. There was such a great vibe among all present - for most of whom this was their first blitz - and I think we all learned a lot with, and from, each other. (This is the best part of a Permablitz!)  

Thank you so much to everyone who came, or offered support in one way or another.  It's really amazing what we achieved together in such a short time.  See you at another blitz, somewhere, somehow!


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